RGB Led Strip Advice

I am wanting to add a simple 3m indoor LED Strip to the bedroom to be controlled from Home Assistant but there is such a plethora of variations and options available I am not sure which is best suited
(5v, 12v, 3 wire, 4 wire, 5 wire, Analogue or Digital ?)
Any advice as to the easiest product to setup with HASS appreciated.

I need smooth colour changing and the ability to dim slowly and smoothly.
I am happy run through a NODEMCU or connect directly, whatever is cheapest.

Thank you…

You may find interesting these strips. Later just pickup a library to control the colors and communicate the status to HA.
I little bit of fiddling and programming is required, which I feel you are capable. Otherwise you might look for commercial solutions as well.

I have this one : Bruh - RGB LED Strips NodeMCU

Working great, it;s a bit of work but is worth it