RGB Light Color Control

I just purchased and added a generic Amazon (brand is Hifree) RGB table lamp and added it my HA. It doesn’t have an option to control the color of the RGB. Is the one I purchased just not supported for that feature? Can I get some good recommendations for lamps/bulbs that have color control support in HA

Not a brand I’m familiar with. What integration are you using for it?

I’m using the Tuya integration.


I have 12 Tuya connected lights and they’re my least favorite integration. Have the light on, then click and hold on the device name through the entities section. That should bring up another menu where you can adjust brightness and color. If color is missing, maybe try a HA reboot.

Haha, oh man I feel dumb. You’re right it does support it. Thank you so much!

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Was looking at some of the Hifree lamps. I’m actually most interested in them because they seem to be the only ones that combine “smart” with touch on/off control.

Can the integration with Home Assistant run with just a local network connection, or is control via some Tuya backend server/API out there required?