RGB Pool Lights

I have RGB pool lights connected to a Z-Wave switch. You change color on them by cycling the power to them a certain number of times depending on the color you want.

What is the best way to surface this up as a RGB switch to HomeKit with the HomeKit integration using some sort of an automation behind it that if a user picks red it does the appropriate power cycles to get to the red color for example.

Am I going to need to write a custom component for this, or is there a quicker way?

Just an automation is all that’s needed.

You might want to check in the blueprint exchange in case someone had already made a blueprint to do this. Sounds like something that could have happened.

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But I also need to somehow surface a light with the color options to chose from for it to work with HomeKit, I tried a template but that does t seem to do the trick.

I have no advice for dealing with that apple stuff, sorry. It’s not something I deal with.