RGBAW LED control help

Hi all,

I have looked all day to try and find a RGBAW led controller.
And have come up short.
The goal is to run some 24volt rgbaw led’s

The options that I seem to find are to flash an esp with tasmoto or esphome.

So long story short does anyone know of a good five channel led controller?

Is the easy solution just to get a ZigBee dongle and a gledopto 5 in 1?
And if so is it possible to tell HA that it is an rgbaw fixture?


A H801 controller would fit the bill nicely. 5-24v controller 5 channel

Readily available for $10 USD -/+

Cool cool I will have a look — at the very least it is a cheap test.

Second question — is it possible to tell home assistant via esphome or tasmoto that it is RGBaw and not a normal white tunable ?
That part worries me more.

If it does not work. my plan is to just get a 4 channel zwave controller and not hook up the amber.

It will work fine as is.
I think Amber and Warm White are close enough in the color spectrum for it not to matter much.

I have a H801 with Tasmota and in HA it look like:h801

The white slider is Amber to White, well cool white really.
And the warm white led on the strip I have could easily be called Amber as well.

awesome - i will let you know how it works out.

Still new to home assistant — currently just using it to control lutron lights.

Edit - corrected some grammar