RGBW bulbs for lan

I had some chinese wifi RGBW bulbs flashed with Tasmota, but was very bad quality, and they worked 3 or 4 months and then died… So, now I am searching for better quality wifi RGBW bulbs that I can integrate in home assistant,. But I want to be able to make it work from my home wifi lan, as I did with the tasmota flashed bulbs.

So, please, what models/brands can you recommend me? I an afraid xiaomi’s yeelight or phillips, etc will need internet access to work, right?

Lifx. Works locally with home assistant without the need for flashing alternative firmware. High quality but priced to match (i.e. not cheap).

Yeelight, activate LAN mode in their app and then close their connection to the www in your router. Easy as that. No problems since initial setup 2 years ago and always on sale somewhere.