RGBW color - Node-red is not able to change color (Fibaro RGBW Led)

I had defined in Node-Red a few flows which should changed color in led RGBW strip [Fibaro RGBW controller] . Since few weeks I’m not able to change color (through node “call service” and domain “light”). I can change only brightness. System only call last used color. It doesn’t matter if I use rgbw_color, xy_color or xs_color. The system does not respond to changes…System can call only last used color.
Any ideas ? Any hints ?

Go to dev tools in HA. Services tab, call light.turn_on with the color information, does it change color?

Yes, it works perfectly (rgb_color and rgbw_color).
Is it a bug in node-red “callservice” ?

idk it’s a generic service, i’d expect everyone to have that problem if that were the case.

Try just the color copy this example do not change the formatting.

    "rgbw_color": [

At the the bottom of the call service check this box and post the output if it fails to change color.


Thank you for your effort. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Its very strange that debug is empty.

What about with a different entity can you see the debug?