RGBW Lights Operate Incorrectly After 8.4 Update

After updating the OS to 8.1, I noticed many of my RGBW lights in the home were discolored when they were originally set to white; the problem persists with the latest update to 8.4. I currently use two brands, LEDVANCE A19 RGBW (which appear to be operating normally), and Osram Lightify A19 (which now operate incorrectly). The Osram bulbs are a newer version of the LEDVANCE bulbs which I received as a warranty replacement; unfortunately, I don’t know for certain whether there are any differences between the components used in manufacture.

On closer inspection, it appears my HA hub no longer permits me to select the color temperature of the white LED in the Osram bulbs, instead attempting to use the RGB portion to make a composite white color. The hub still allows me to tune the white point of the LEDVANCE bulbs just fine.

I am unsure of whether there is a setting I can change to revert the function of the bulbs in HA, and given how many bulbs are affected I’m trying to avoid removing and re-adding them to my hub. Is there anything I can do to stop living in a wash of pink and orange light? I have included screenshots of any information I thought might be relevant (in the comments due to upload restrictions), but please let me know if there’s anything else I can share.

Osram Lightify - Device Info

Osram Lightify - HA Controls

LEDVANCE A19 RGBW - Device Info