RGBW show up as covers

My RGBW LED modules from Fibaro are now shown as covers after updating to 2024.5.2 an zwavejs2mqtt, therefore they are not usable.

Is this a known issue of HA or from zwavejs2mqtt?

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Thanks, it was working in 2024.5.1. I might have to downgrade.

If you can reproduce it, providing the information that Raman has asked for would help get the problem fixed.

I will check that tomorrow.

Unfortunately it stays like that even on 2024.5.0.

Reinterviewing all modules in Z2M fixes the issue permanently. I had to remove the covers manually, but that is to be expected.

this will be fixed by Fix zwave_js discovery logic for node device class by raman325 · Pull Request #117232 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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