RGBW Strip not working properly in HA


I have a RGBW strip and the controller is flashed with Tasmota
The strip has RGB leds + white leds and here is teh view in tasmota, you toggle the white on/off separately which is a little weird, certainly dont see this in esphome

Anyway, the controller is presented to HA via MQTT and shows up in HA as two toggles

Top toggle turns the RGB leds on and off, and the bottom is “meant” to turn the white leds on/off

However, here is what i get

  1. top toggle in HA controls on/off for the strip - no worries there
  2. bottom toggle i can turn on, then it turns off by itself
  3. if i turn the White leds (which is the bottom toggle) on or off via the tasmota web ui then that toggle updates in HA accordingly
  4. if white is on (via the tasmota gui) i can turn it off in HA and the white leds go off - expected

So, i have no power on capability for the white channel