Rhasspy and Google STT


right now I’m using Home Assistant together with Snips and looking for substitute for Snips. I just wanted to ask - is possible to connect Rhasspy with Google STT in order to use currently unsupported language (Czech)?


There’s a similar question today at the Rhasspy forum regarding Swedish and Google STT. Hope this helps.

I created a small Python script which allows you to use Google STT with Rhasspy. It’s super early in development and there is zero error handling but it worked reliable in my tests.

Make sure that you’re providing valid authentication credentials in order to use the Google Cloud API. Head over to https://cloud.google.com/docs/authentication/getting-started for more information.

Hit me up if you find any issues! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It took me a while to finally get it to work inside rhasspy addon in home assistant but now it is wonderful, thanks a lot @NullEntity ! Without it Rhasppy was sort of trash to me haha

It would be really great if Google STT could be used in HA instead of only having HA Cloud and Whisper as free options.

I made an integration that does exactly that, feel free to try it:

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That’s amazing. I just tested here, it works fine!

However, I was meaning something more free, like the Google Translate TTS is.

I know that it’s possible, because it’s used by this Asterisk AGI script for more than 6 years so far:

Had a quick look, in the readme it says:

Cloud Speech API key from Google (https://cloud.google.com/speech).

configured in the $key variable of speech-recog.agi. Does it work without a key? Seems unlikely.

Btw google gives you 60 minutes/month free, if each voice command is 2 seconds this gives 60 commands per day free, which by itself might be enough. And then it’s just $0.024/minute.

In fact I never had tested speech-recog, I just assumed it worked without credentials. That would make more sense. Thank you, and sorry for the confusion.