Rhasspy Audio Gone

since one of the last hass.io updates (0.108.2), I lost connection to rhasspy (v 2.4.19) :-/
That is, I can still manually type a command such as “turn lights on” in the rhasspy web-UI, and it goes through, but I cannot talk to it anymore, and also cannot hear tts from the system.

I tried both, USB soundcard, and Pi3 internal audio jacks. Set the audio source accordingly in the supervisor.

I have a suspicion that the Spotify plugin hijacks the audio/alsa mixer?
Is there any way to test Rhasspy audio input/output? Anybody else having this issue?


There is an issues with the Rhasspy container for 2.4.19 (which I believe is due to the changes in the way HA handles the audio in a different container nowdays). To fix the issue, you would need to install libasound2-plugins in the Rhasspy container.

If you still have a problem, try restarting the hass-audio container.

Yes, this is a temporary solution and you would need to do that each time the Rhasspy container is started. 2.5 hopefully comes soon. For now, you could use 2.5 pre. It is still in Beta so yeah something are not as smooth but works fine so far for me.

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Thanks. Is there any smart way how to install the 2.5 beta on a hass.io hass os system?

Do you have access to Docker? if yes, then follow these instructions

There is also a VM way to install, but I guess you cannot do that in HASS OS

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