Rheem Hot Water Heater Vacation Mode

Has anyone used the vacation mode with the Rheem integration?

I can set all the other modes but not sure how to set the vacation mode.

The yaml looks like this:

service: water_heater.set_operation_mode
  operation_mode: vacation

The documentation does not show how to pass in days for vacation mode so I’m not sure if the integration supports it.

Did you ever figure this out? I just got my Rheem ProTerra tank installed, and naturally the first thing I did was connect it to Home Assistant. Hoping to tie this into my automatic vacation modes.

Anyone figure this out yet? Calling the service to set the water heater as ‘away’ doesn’t seem to work either. I get this error message:

Error handling message: extra keys not allowed @ data['device_id']. Got None (invalid_format)

I never did, instead I just turn the water heater on/off since that seems to work fine. Just means I have to turn it back on a few hours before any “vacation” actually ends, to get the water back up to temp.

Hi there,

I’m actually trying to do what you already did, apparently…

I have the Rheem EcoNet hot water heater, and I’d like it to stop heating the water when nobody is home, and start heating when we get back. I have an occupancy sensor working great, but if I select the water heater as a “device” in the automation, the “turn on/off” doesn’t seem to work as intended.

The wife and I were away for the entire day, and the tank just kept on heating water. I think “on/off” is just being interpreted as whether it’s actually heating at the moment. The tank has a different state of “electric” when it’s powered, but can’t figure how to call changing that state in the automation.

Any help would be great…