Rheem Water Softener

Just curious, ready through this thread, there are several timeframes that are reported as stable with mixed results. Can we safely say that the 15 minute poll time is the sweet spot?

I have mine set for 15 minutes and haven’t been rate limited yet (knocks on wood).

Mine has now been offline for days. Anyone else having issues lately?

I’m having the same issue. Today I tried to delete my softener and add it back to the iQua app but I cant even get the app to see my softener anymore.

Well after getting it to reset its all good now. I also switched the repo I am using to a fork that seems to work better.


So I thought Id just post my script on how to get water shut off working. I had hoped to pull request a UI switch into the repo, but I haven’t had time. So for those that want a nice quick hack to get this working, here is how you do it:

create a python script inside your python_scripts directory inside your homeassistant config directory called iqua_water_switch.py and paste the following being sure to add your credentials and device serial:

import sys
from iqua_softener import IquaSoftener

EMAIL = ""

if len(sys.argv) == 2:
    softener = IquaSoftener(EMAIL, PASSWORD, DEVICE_SERIAL)
    action = int(sys.argv[1])
    if action == 0:
    elif action == 1:

Then you need to git checkout or copy the iqua_softener repo into your python_scripts directory as well located here: GitHub - arturzx/iqua-softener: Python library for fetching data for iQua water softeners from Ecowater server

Once that is done, simply add a command line switch entry in your switches.yaml file:

- platform: command_line
      command_on: "/usr/local/bin/python3 /config/python_scripts/iqua_water_switch.py 1"
      command_off: "/usr/local/bin/python3 /config/python_scripts/iqua_water_switch.py 0"
      friendly_name: Water Shutoff

You may have to adjust the full path names to the location of your file and the location of python3. Hope this helps.

I found a page with information about the valve’s wiring. The are several different ways of controlling the valve and it’s possible to get a signal back to confirm that the valve has been opened or closed:


Looks like it could be possible to use a Shelly to control the valve.

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Put the project on the shelve for now due to other priorities.
But, yes, I saw this too. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that they added circuitry mods to the default valve per Rheem’s design. Didn’t go exploring it further.
My plan is to trick the softener into thinking it uses its native valve, but use a 3rd party valve instead.

Thanks those wiring diagrams are helpful. I need to do this with a Shelly and automate from a water sensor.

Has the integration for anyone else stopped working about 4 days ago or is it just mine?

Is your app still working?

Were you ever able to get this into the integration?

I found out why the iQua app is broken. I contacted EcoWater Systems and Northstar Water about the iQua app only working intermittently. The iQua rep informed me that their servers time out for hours at a time to keep them from crashing. This intermittent connection is being done by design people. This is exactly what I experience. No connection for many hours at a time, throughout the day. And it never works over a cellular connection, only local Wi-Fi. What good is that. If I’m at home, I can shut the damn valve myself and don’t need the connected valve. What good is the promise of a connected water softener and motorized/connected water valve, if the application purposely only works half the time. And again, never on a device with a cellular connection.

This pisses me off more than you know. I purchased this device for this functionality and its limited at best. I have contacted support and only got a single response.

Any change alarms or warning can make their way into this integration?
Would be nice to see “Low salt”, “Clean Softener”, etc. alerts in the HASS.

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