>> Riddle << When is a "Custom: Tabbed Card" not a "Custom: Tabbed Card"?

So, I ask the question,

When is a “Custom: Tabbed Card”, Not a “Custom: Tabbed Card”??

I have no idea what you are trying to achieve; is this a joke (an actual riddle) or is it an obscure request for help?

No, not a joke, just a small issue that I noticed… And not with the Card, itself,(it’s a Great card). The issue happens, when I try to create a new card. Actually when I search for “Custom:”, or “Custom: Tab”, “Custom: Tabbed C”, or even “Custom: Tabbed Card”. The Card can only be found, if you type “Tabbed Card” without the “Custom:”

Interesting. I use that card, but only in yaml - good to know, though, thanks!