Riemann not available in energy dashboard after several days


I have 3 LG ac’s installed and integrated through Smartthinq, they can be controlled by HA and I can see the energy used in Watts.

I created a Riemann sensor for all three and after two hours the living room AC was available for adding to the energy dashboard.

The other two are still not available for adding to the dashboard, when opening the entity I can see the kWh used but the kitchen and bedroom are wrong because they used 416 kWh instead of 0.416 kWh. All three are setup the same on prefix k and time h.

I asked in Dutch Facebook and some had the same problem.

How do I get then into the energy dashboard?

Compare the attributes of the sensors you are feeding to the Riemann Sum helpers that do not work to the ones that do.

First (keuken) does not work, second (huiskamer) works.

This is what’s feeding the Riemann sensor

And both Riemann from those