Riemann sum integral sensor wrong metric

I can’t add a new Riemann integration because for energy, because every time I add a new helper

the metric become kkWhh instead of kWh


any ideas?

The Riemann Sum helper converts power (W or kW) to energy (Wh or kWh). You already have an energy sensor (kWh). You do not need to use this.

Mhm, strange; I have a lot of helpers with the same configuration and no one has that behavior. So, I will replace all of them with the sensor

Thank you

The Riemann Sum helper in that case you show above is (correctly) using a power sensor.

Show the history graph for the sensor you are having trouble with.

Strange, today the metric it’s properly set
I don’t have any clue

However, I can’t add it to the emergency dashboard

I can add only the the Shelly energy entity

Go to Developer Tools → Statistics and use the FIX ISSUE buttons.

Thank you, I still have not understand why there was the swap between the metrics