Riemann Sum (Left) Helpers Incorrect Reporting

I’m using Aurora Lighting AU-A1ZBDSS ZigBee UK sockets, they don’t measure energy consumption but they do measure real time power consumption in watts. I’m using Riemann sum integral sensor for each socket to track energy usage over time. It’s been working well for a while but I’m getting odd positive readings from some of them and I have no idea why. Screenshots below:


Energy 1

Energy 3

I’ve tried deleting and re-creating the Riemann sum integral sensors. Any help appreciated!

Did you restart HA at the same time you observed the values reset to 0? If so, that’s expected behavior of the helper. At least mine do that and it does not affect my energy statistics.

It’s possible it coincides with a restart on occasion, but it happens without a restart also and it only affects some of them, as you can see I have many that aren’t exhibiting the same behaviour :frowning:

Check the history of the sun lounge socket 3 power sensor.

I’ve been getting this since 2023.5.x

There are github issues raised about this so hopefully 2023.5.3 will stop this unusual behaviour.

If you look in your logs you may see errors relating to the problem sensors and restoring to an “unknown” or “unavailable” state.

For me it’s sockets that are not used all the time i.e. washing machine and drier etc.

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I just upgraded from 5.2 to 6.1 hoping this issue is resolved; however I see that the commit is only in the dev branch at the moment. Can you confirm you’re still seeing this issue? Thanks.

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Can you put here a link to the issue and commit?

Here is the original issue, towards the bottom there is a link to the commit.

Thanks! It is included in 2023.6