Ring Alarm arming and disarming with presence detection

This automation is driving me crazy, and for the love of God, i cannot figure out how to make all this work togather.
I need help with automating Ring Alarm Arming and disarming with presence detection (Phone based).
I guess there are several ways to get the the phone presence detection in home assistant, however I like to approach this automation the way you guys have tried and tested and works with Ring security alarms for arming and disarming.
I know this can be done with the Ring-MQTT add-on, i have installed it, but i would prefer someone please guide me to the steps on how to setup this automation both on the phone presence detection and ring mqtt.
We have three phones in the home, and the way i would like to automate this is, when all the 3 phones leave the home, the ring alarm sets to Away mode, and if any one of the phone is present in the home the alarm sets to home mode.

Can someone please throw in a quick guide to make this work for me. I am new to Home assistant, and though i have done quite a lot of automation scripts, i need some hand holding for mqtt related platform, as its going to be my first one. I am sure someone has a write up somewhere on this forum or elsewhere for this exact automation. Please guide me to it.

Have been using HA for a few months now. Would not recommend this.

I have gone the complete opposite route. Instead of, “inferred presence using phone app/wifi/etc”. I got Ring keypad for, “explicit presence using keypad”. I have no other Ring devices.

Because for any number of reasons a phone app or router integration may falsely infer presence, and that mere probability of unreliability has proven itself for me.

Sorry that it doesn’t answer your question. I suppose we are all here to learn what works for our different situations.

Try creating a group and using the state of the group to trigger the automation.

I’d also advise that you do not use device trackers for arming and disarming you alarm system. In fact, I think just the ability to disarm the system from Home Assistant kinda defeats its purpose (security).

Looking to do something similar to send an actionable notification to phone asking if I want to arm if HA thinks everyone is out the house

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i like this idea. Also as the members above commented, the automated process might be a security risk… makes sense. But a prompt would be great. Lets all put your thinking hat and figure out a way to do this?

I am trying to do the same thing, but cant even find a way to set the mode through HA. There are many “front door” entities, but there is no “mode” entity/switch in MQTT. Am I going about this the wrong way?

You should be able to do this by calling alarm control panel’s services like alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away.

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Yes. Perfect!

Mark Watts guide of how to do this using Alarmo is very in depth and covers user setup and presnce automation. Create Your OWN Alarm System (Alarmo + Home Assistant) - YouTube