Ring Alarm / home security system

Ring has a new alarm / home security system. This will integrate with the Ring doorbell products. At just over $200, and to add professional monitoring for $10 a month (including the doorbell monitoring), this product will undercut its competitors.
If there is anybody who can / or knows how to integrate this product into future Home Assistant releases, it will be very popular.

I’m also anxiously awaiting for this to be supported.

I agree, I would also REALLY like this

Any update on this? If you add your account in ha for ring like we do for the doorbell, it doesn’t bring the sensors in? Thinking bout going to pick one of these up before vest buy closes, just want to make sure I can get it into ha first.

Until this gets added I have found a work around for anyone intrested.

It requires an android device, Im using tasker and autonotification.

Once the alarm changes state autonotification reads the new state and uses tasker to send an an http post to ha. I have been testing it just calling some scripts, but Im going to make it a little better and use input booleans so i can display what state the alarm is on on my tablets, and base automations off of that rather than a script. if anyone is intrested i can share once i clean it up.

Looking forward to the real thing though, i really need to learn that stuff…

Very exciting. I’m a super noob, so if you make something usable, if you can make it available in a write-up “for dummies” I’m sure many of us would appreciate it!

OK sounds good. I will put something together here this evening.

Why cant Home Assistant be my day job? lol

Tossing in my enthusiastic support for this getting integrated. And hopefully deeply integrated. I’d love to switch all my z-wave sensors and switches over to the Ring hub from Wink, but need it to support more than just security functions.

+1 Would love to integrated the Alarm system into Home Assistant

+1 Any development in progress?

Hopefully some programmer will be able to figure how to do this. It would be great to be able to run automations based on triggers from the alarm (such as utilizing the motion detector, door/window openings, etc.). But it would also be beneficial to be able to arm and disarm the Ring from within HA.

Also very interested in this. Be great to have such an inexpensive monitored system integrated with Home Assistant. Not sure if helpful, but looks like someone has done it with Javascript: https://github.com/davglass/doorbot/issues/26

Looks promising.

I saw this on github:

Perhaps those who are technically gifted can learn how to integrate this into HA.
I’m not sure if the Webhooks HA now has is the same as Websockets.
I think there will be strong demand for this.

Adding a few more GitHub Repos in case someone savvy comes across this:

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I saw online that Amazon announced they will be adding an integration service with the RING security system so that when you tell Alexa you are leaving, each Echo device will become a monitor for glass breaks and will listen for any fire alarms or CO alarms. It will send you a message to your phone if anything triggers. But if you have RING security and monitoring, supposedly it will automatically trigger the alarm / call the cops vs firemen.
Not sure if HA will be able to recognize the alarm once Alexa is able to.
But it still would be good to get full features of the Alarm available in HA.

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Hoping someone can take a crack at this. I have this alarm system and it’s a great value and really easy to install. There’s a HomeBridge plugin for it that works extremely well. It exposes all the states of the alarm as well as all the sensors, and any z-wave locks you’ve paired to the Ring base station. I’d love to have all that in Home Assistant as well.

Here’s a link to the HomeBridge plugin. Hopefully someone can use it as a jumping off point.

I too have been patiently waiting…I love my alarm. I did just find the below script and was able to to get a json response of all my devices (sensors). I am going to try and mess with this but i dont really know this all that well…but would love to learn. Ill post if i do happen to figure something out.

Also, all credit goes to this link…I just found it on a google search, played with it and got it working.

const ring = RingAPI({
  email: '[email protected]'
  password: 'secret'

// get list of stations associated with the account
ring.stations((err, stations) => {
  if (err) ...;
  stations.forEach((station) => {
    // get devices associated with each station
    ring.getAlarmDevices(station, (err, station, message) => {
      if (err) ...;

      message.body.forEach((device) => {
      // get properties associated with each device


    // register for DataUpdate messages
    ring.setAlarmCallback(station, 'DataUpdate', (err, station, message) => {
      if (err) ...;


    // set alarm mode
    //   panelId: `zid` property of security-panel device
    //   mode: 'all', 'some', 'none'
    //   bypassSensorIs: an array of `zid` properties of sensor.* devices
    ring.setAlarmMode(station, panelId, mode, bypassSensorIds, (err, station, message) => {
      if (err) ...;


    // done getting information about station
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This would be amazing if someone could get this to work. I’m tired of finding reliable door and motion sensors and would rather much use Ring’s sensors if they are reliable enough.

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I’m very interested to have this integration too.