Ring alarm integration support

Good morning.

Anyone have any “jannet and John” instructions om how to get this working.

In my previous asks for help i have referred to my self as a simpleton, doofus and idiot, so should give you folks an idea of my level of understanding.

So for ref all i wanted to do was to be ablento arm and un arm my ring alarm from my dashboard.

I have no ring cameras and no cloud service.

I run a pi 4 with a sky connect but not zwave stick(don think i need one to gret this to work)

I have added the ring integration, but no devices show up (do i need to put them into pairing mode like with a zigbee decvice? Everything ive seen says no)

I tried down loading the ring mqtt thing from haccs and following the instructons.

Also tried follwing mark watts video on YT, however seemed to gret stuck around the git hub bit, (but having said that i had no idea what a git hub was a few weeks back) i always seem to get confused as to what i should be copying etc - just seems like theres loads of foles to me :slight_smile:

So thats where i am at…any help?