Ring Alarm Integration with 2FA

I am running hassio in FreeNAS and have been recently working to get all of my integrations working. I have a Ring doorbell and a Ring alarm system with two factor auth enabled on my Ring account. I was able to connect to HA to Ring using the native integration but that only works for my doorbell and not the alarm portion. I read about using MQTT and https://github.com/tsightler/ring-alarm-mqtt to get it to integrate but the ring alarm hassio integration add on has not been updated in months and does not support the 2FA login. Whenever I start the add on it just sends the auth code to my phone but there is nowhere to enter it in the addon or in HA.

So my question is, has anyone been able to get Ring alarm to work in HA since 2FA has been enabled and if so, how?

Working now with the 0.104 release - you need to remove any manual config and it as an integration.

So you are saying 0.104 Ring integration should be able to see the alarm as well as the doorbell? I am able to get the doorbell entities to show but not the alarm entities. I’ll check my config to see if there is a manual entry messing with it.

Sorry - misread the title. The doorbell works with 2FA, but I am not sure about the alarm…

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

I’m having the same issue with the new Ring Alarm 2FA holding up the integration… Did you ever find a solution tcork?

I have not found a good solution to this with 2FA enabled. :frowning:

I think we’ll get a fix soon, the main thread says the guy is trying to release a new hass.io add on asap

Please see my post inter following thread for instructions.