Ring API testing with 2FA in Postman

I am fiddling around with the Ring API and trying to hit some of the endpoints in Postman to see what the responses are but I am having trouble getting the initial token with my 2FA enabled account. Here is the my request but I keep getting a 400 Bad Request.

curl --location --request GET 'https://oauth.ring.com/oauth/token' \
--header 'client_id: ring_official_android' \
--header 'scope: client' \
--header 'username: abc' \
--header 'password: 12345' \
--header 'Cookie: abc123'

I am following the python Ring doorbell library but I am confused how to do the auth with 2FA in Postman: https://github.com/tchellomello/python-ring-doorbell

Anyone know how you authenticate with 2FA enabled to get a token in Postman?