Ring but with text to speech

This probably isn’t remotely possible but if any developers who maybe work with ring are reading this, one cool feature would be able to do text to speech with Ring Doorbells similar to how Ring has those preset voice message already.

I could see this being able to address delivery people / unique known people based upon geolocation and arrival alerts. Again probably not possible at all but I think it would be fun.

When someone rings your doorbell but you’re unable to answer, Quick Replies allows you to play one of six pre-recorded messages. These messages include options like “Please leave the package outside” or “We can’t answer the door right now.” You can even choose an option that asks the visitor to wait a few moments, giving you more time to respond. Official Website Once the Quick Reply message is played, the caller has the ability to leave a message, which you can review later if you subscribe to Ring Protect, the brand’s online storage service.