Ring camera Lovelace Card

Greetings everyone.

I am running Hassio on a Pi and have always had very bad performance watching the most recent ring video. It runs about 5 frames a second. If i paste the video_url from the camera into a browser, it plays at normal speed.

My goal is to setup an iFrame in Lovelace where the URL points to the video_url attribute of the ring camera. Is there a way to call that attribute easily?

If you paste the most recent URL into the iframe URL field it works great, but every video has a different URL.

Any ideas on how to call attributes from devices into your config?

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I also have the same issues, if I add any ffmpeg arguments, I get no image.

I have the same issues with video quality/lag on the Pi per playing my most recent Ring vids in HA.

I’ve researched it a little. It’s definitely an issue with how the Pi and FFMPEG play together.

Are any of you having audio issues too?

I get NO audio on my Ring videos in HA (also an issue with FFMPEG running on the Pi, I believe).

It’s worth noting that I have a second Raspberry Pi that’s running HomeBridge specifically to push those latest Ring videos into HomeKit for me.

I was using HomeBridge’s camera-ffmpeg plug-in for that too AND getting the exact same results in Apple’s Home.app: very slow/choppy video + no audio.

On HomeBridge, I’ve been using the OMX codec (optimized for video on Pis) for FFMPEG and, while still no audio and some general pixelation, the video runs very smoothly at what appears to be a normal framerate.

I’m been meaning to figure out why I have no audio anywhere (except in the source files that HA pulls from Ring and downloads to my Pi), as well as if I can employ OMX in my HA Dash (as I have with HomeBridge -> Home.app).

I’m actually really curious if anyone knows of any other methods for clearer, better video streaming via Pis (e.g., external video card, other CODECs with FFMPEG, other methods I’m not thinking about, etc.)?

Same here, no audio on the slow video. Is my only option to move HA to a full PC?

That’s what I hear from a lot of people… but there’s got to be a way.

I know of people doing advanced facial recognition with Pis. There’s gotta be a way to make the current FFMPEG video processing work better for all of us Pi users… right?!

can you share how you made this card please @Diginorse? would like something similar.

Same, no image. I also noticed there is no camera entities. However, the other sensors all show up without an issue.

You get that broken image placeholder when you don’t have a Ring Protect subscription.

Hey all,

I am currently working on updating my lovelace and I want to add a button that is a popup (via browser_mod.popup) that shows the last camera_image when it pops up AND plays back when you click on the camera entity button.

As of now I have everything working EXCEPT for the camera playback. Below is my code snippet for the popup and images of the outcome. I just can’t figure out why i’m not getting any playback when i click on the camera entity button.

- entity: remote.harmony_hub
            image: /local/security_icon.png
              left: 81%
              top: 94.65%
              width: 3%
              action: call-service
              service: browser_mod.popup
                  type: picture-glance
                  camera_image: camera.front_door
                    - camera.front_door
                    - sensor.front_door_battery
                    - binary_sensor.front_door_ding
                    - binary_sensor.front_door_motion
                  aspect_ratio: 0%
                  '--ha-card-background': '#3c3d3d'
                  '--ha-card-border-radius': 20px
                  '--primary-background-color': '#5e5e5e'
                  '--primary-text-color': white
                  border-radius: 20px
                title: Front Door
            type: image

The second image is after the entity button press - it gets bigger but no video playback happens.

Any direction on this would be much appreciated!

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For everyone having issues getting anything to display in lovelace. I was getting frustrated with this as well, but found in the logs that home assistant failed to start ffmpeg. That’s because I never installed ffmpeg on my system. After doing so and rebooting home assistant, everything works as it should. You might want to check and see if this is your issue as well.

Just wondered if there are any updates to this, I have several ring cameras, If there is any live motion the picture lovelace card shows a static image for a few mins but then soon after defaults to a blank image. If possible I’d like to keep the last image it captured retained at all times.

Hoping someone will be kind enough to help.


Ever make any more progress on this? The image above looks very promising and if you’ve figured it out I’d love to copy your idea. Thanks!

Encryption Video Storage feature and Local Storage Feature disabled…

Immediately, my LoveLace Camera Previews returned to normal function!

The new Ring Alarm Pro allowed me to setup local storage to an SD Card. When doing this I also enabled Video Storage Encryption on both local and cloud storage.

I removed the Cloud Storage Encryption and Local Storage and immediately got the previews back and no errors in the HA Log.