Ring Contact Sensor v2 - No manufacturer or model number

I have successfully paired the Ring Contact Sensor version 2 and set it as a door device within Z-wave JS and Z-wave JS UI. The device works lightning quick; however, I can’t figure out why the device is not reporting model or manufacturer correctly for the device named “Shed Door”. Is this expected behavior? Can someone help point me in the right direction?


That information must be added to the Z-Wave JS Device DB. Probably most information is provided by community members. Your variation of the device is not in the DB, so Z-Wave JS doesn’t know what it is.

Request missing device configuration: https://github.com/zwave-js/node-zwave-js/issues/new/choose

Or contribute it yourself: https://zwave-js.github.io/node-zwave-js/#/config-files/contributing-files

I think you have the new Long Range Version. Does the inside of your cover plate look like this? The ones I have are not long range and show up normally.

Ring Contact Sensors

Yes, that is exactly what I have! I also have a Zooz GPIO 800LR controller running on my HA Yellow.

Thanks, I wish that I had the technical expertise to create this file. I will definitely report this signature for database inclusion. I suspected this was the case, but was hoping I was wrong. I saw that Ring contact sensor v2 was already available in the database, but didn’t realize that there are multiple variants of v2.

After thinking about this a bit more… I have looked at how to add a missing device to z-wave js, but this doesn’t make sense to me. Please take another look at my device which has clearly been added to HA and is working as intended with the expected sensors and configuration information.

This device works as intended, it is simply missing manufacturer and model number information as pictured above. Making a request to add a device doesn’t seem to be needed here!? Am I missing something?

Most functionality is supported without any config file. Config file is required for mapping product id/type/mfg to labels and adding non-discoverable config parameters, or for tweaking config parameter definitions to be better supported (naming, types, etc.).

Click on “Configure” and there will be a link to the device database. If that URL doesn’t find the device, then it’s not in the DB.

If you navigate from the link I already posted up, there is an Overview of what device config files provide.

Ok, that makes sense! Now to figure out how to find the requested “missing” values and then convert them to hex values! Thanks for your explanations

The IDs are in your ZUI screenshot.

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I have attempted to submit a missing device config request at the URL above, however, I cannot submit the form after filling it out. If somebody else would like to try please do so using the following information.

Title: Ring Alarm Contact Sensor ZWAVE PLUS LR
Issue Type: It is not in the configuration DB
Which device is missing? Ring Alarm Contact Sensor
Manufacturer ID: 0x0346
Product Type: 0x0201
Product ID: 0x0601
Firmware Version: 1.40.6

Is the device listed on the Z-Wave Alliance website?
https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/3862?selectedFrequencyId=2 (Closest match)

You need to fill in all required input before the submit button is enabled. The required info is noted with the red *.

Thanks! It has been submitted.