Ring doorbell as camera?

Given that the original Ring doorbell is now on offer on Amazon for £89, im tempted, but have some reservations?

I guess in a nutshell, is it worth it?

How easy is it to integrate into HA and how responsive is it?
More specifically, looking at a ‘normal’ door bell function…I know one can buy the chime add-on, but im a bit loathed to pay the price, so can an automation be easily made to play audio through a Google Home for example if the bell is pressed?

and, more interestingly for me, can it be used to provide a live camera feed to HA?
if so how draining on the battery is this?

RING cam shows recording of previous video, not live in my experience.
This is nice for me because it give ability to see past event. I have same location covered by IP camera so I use IP camera for live video.

This is ok but honestly this is only benefit for me because I was too lazy connect doorbell to my gpio. I don’t believe I received good value for this cost.

Ring is also too slow to download video so I cannot use HA for view person ringing bell. I almost never check ring video and use my IP cameras. I use ring only for motion sensor. Even doorbell press not needed because I found motion was more informative (I have at gated entry and some people don’t press button, just wait for gate open…even when no press I catch waiting visitor… I also see the random stranger strolling by)

I would place a motion sensor and IP camera at door. This can replicate ring function. With motion sensor you will be notified of person at door. I found this is better than doorbell. You may use dummy button or real button connected to HA

Ring video is also unreliable. Most time I try to check live view it not work. I have Ring Pro. I think the Poe ring would be better but still, cost is ridiculous. I plan to give this to relative for Xmas or birthday.