Ring Doorbell - can I actually disable notifications?

Hi there,

I would like to be able to disable my ring doorbell when I am on calls for work. I can disable doorbell notifications using the Ring app, and I can pull my work call state from the App for Home Assistant. But I do not see a way to control that entity state, or a Service I can call in Home Assistant to disable the Ring notifications. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Cheers in advance!

I wanted to share the update in case anyone else wonders about this. The answer is no, it can not be done through the Ring Integration, but ….

If you use Amazon Echo or Google Assistant devices to announce someone is at the door, then you can do it.

When the Home Assistant Companion app detects the camera is active and the foreground app is my conferencing client, then I trigger an automation that sets the Alexa/Google devices to Do Not Disturb.

I get this is a broader block than just doorbell announcements, but it’s the closest we can get. +Plus it stops the kids playing music when I’m in a meeting!!!