Ring doorbell in Frigate


I bought a Ring doorbell and it’s all setupnin Home Assistant. I just can’t find a way to integrate it in Frigate, so I can store recordings and events.

I thought I would find a lot of articles on the internet or video’s on youtube, but I didn’t find any that worked.

Any suggestions?

Hi, there are no replies yet. Does anyone have a suggestion?

There are no replies because it’s pretty much impossible and Frigate is not created to do that. The doorbelll will only stream when there is motion and stream directly to the ring cloud. You could use the snapshot images but Frigate would have a lot of difficulties to determine motion with that since it’s a snapshot every 10 seconds.

What you want simply isn’t possible. If you searched a bit around you would have came to the same conclusion.

Ok, thanks for the reply. No is also an answer :slight_smile:

@Aphotrax @Matthijs_NL

Not impossible at all. Get an instance of Scrypted running and it will convert your ring stream to RTSP. You can then feed that into Frigate, thats what I do.


That’s interesting! Is there a description of the steps required?

Amazin everyday appears something new
(I’m checking the github and they first released 0.6 Feb 2023)
It feels its taking over by storm, it supports Coral like Frigate.

+1 for a description of the steps required.