Ring Doorbell Motion - Which Event?

I am seeing several motion-related events for my Ring Doorbell 3.

When I set up a trigger, I can choose
“Device” > “Ring Doorbell Motion started detecting motion”
“Device” > “Ring Doorbell Motion stopped detecting motion”
“State” > “Ring Doorbell Motion (binary_sensor.front_door_motion)”
“State” > “Ring Doorbell Last Motion (sensor.front_door_last_motion)”
and there’s a nebulous
“State” > “Ring Doorbell Last Activity (sensor.front_door_last_activity)”

Where is the documentation for what these events are? I see some Ring integration doc, and it was very unhelpful with circular references (e.g. “use the Motion event to detect motion”)

Currently, I have a trigger for “Device” > “Ring Doorbell Motion started detecting motion” and my Home Automation is triggering. But it seems to be triggering a lot of false positives.

HA will get a trigger that there’s motion, but my Android Ring app doesn’t. When I review the footage on my Ring app, it’s correct - there was nobody there. So why is the event in HA triggering to tell me somebody’s there when there isn’t? FYI, in the event when there is a real motion, both HA and my Ring app get triggered.

I have a suspicion that the normal Ring ecosphere is detecting a possible motion event, then performing some magic to determine whether it’s a false alarm. But in the HA ecosphere, I’m just getting the raw motion events w/o the post-event magic. That’s just a guess based on what I’m seeing.

Hi, same problem here. False positives from Home Assistant, but not from the Ring app. I use:

  - entity_id: binary_sensor.voordeur_motion
    from: 'off'
    platform: state
    to: 'on'

Did you find a solution for this? Thanks!