Ring Doorbell stopped working after restart

I just set up Home Assistant for the first time this week. I am considering migrating from my 15 year old HAI Omni Pro II setup to HA so that I can get better media integration. So far I have my Sonos and some basic ZWave switches setup. I was also able to setup some basic weather information using Dark Sky.

I ran into an issue today and don’t even know where to start debugging it. I installed Ring and had it up and running. Everything was working great. I could see camera on the screen and it would detect motion. After a restart (while configuring another feature) Ring stopped working. The entities still show up, but say “unavailable” on the status screen. On the main UI screen it says “entity unavailable”.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to begin with debugging this? Sorry for the noob question. Still trying to find my way around Home Assistant.


Now I am getting a config warning at startup that says:

"Your configuration contains extra keys that the platform does not support (but were silently accepted before 0.88). Please find and remove the following. This will become a braking change.

[ring], [camera], [binary_sensor]. (see /config/configuration.yaml, line 30).

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