Ring Floodlight Integration

Hi all. I am trying to setup Ring Floodlights, the ones with No camera, just the light with a motion sensor. I am able to configure the integration by setting up ring.com account and then the 2 factor code, but i am not able to see any devices and the integration screen message says “This integration has no devices.”

Are the Ring Floodlights/Spotlights not supported?


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I am also not seeing any of my devices in the integration. Seems like maybe it’s broken? I have an alarm system with motion detectors and door sensors.

Jumping on this thread as I’m looking to get the Ring Floodlight to replace some old spotlights and an arlo camera. Have the issues been resolved and what kind of control do you get in Home Assistant with the floodlight?

No luck here either.

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Hi all, I’m looking to purchase the same thing, ring flood lights with NO camera. Any updates if this is able to be added to Home Assistant?