Ring Glass Break Sensor (without ring integration)

Bought these Ring Glass Break sensors that just came out in february, and i paired one with zwavejs/ha to see what would happen. well,it only shows up with 2 entities: “Home Intrusion” and “Battery”. I’m kind of at a loss how to proceed. I tried various things to trip the alarm and it does nothing. I am wondering if I should try integrating it through zwave2mqtt or whatever instead. any ideas? anyone played with one of these yet? not much info on the web.

Did you break glass in front of it to trip the alarm? Ive seen these in action already… i would think its the same

Or drop some forks on the floor? These look tempting…

Try doing a re-interview.
With the Ring door sensors I always factory reset, even if new, before pairing.
I almost always have to do a re-interview after pairing to get it to work properly.

I don’t follow, are you saying they are proven (unreliable, or reliable)?

I got 3 of the sensors into “S2 Authenticated” state, and now a 3rd entity is showing up, “tamper - cover removed”. the 4th sensor, no matter what is stuck in “Security”: None and only shows the first 2 entities.

The Home intrusion sensor is what gets tripped when it detects glass break. Sounds like you have it working just fine.

Did you ever get this working @r3wt. I think I have the same issue: Ring Glass Break (without ring integration) Not Triggering Automation - #6 by 123.