Ring Indoor Camera Motion Sensor Not Triggering

Hi All,

I am new to home assistant, but not home automation. I am no engineer but have a degree in information technology, and yes, I read the forum etiquette and did as much research as I could before asking for help. I am trying to do a basic alarm setup, but my Ring indoor motion sensor isnt triggering. Here is the basics:

  1. Arm alarm panel
  2. While armed, if Ring indoor camera catches motion, trigger indoor camera siren
    2A. Send notification via the home assistant app to phone
  3. Trigger lights to flash on and off ( I built the scenes and the scripts for this and tied them to the automation)
  4. Obviously, I created a disarm automation

Here is the issue, I arm the panel and walk in front of the camera and nothing happens. However, if I manually trigger the automation 1. the siren sounds, and 2. I get the app notification. However, no lights flicker on and off.

I tired changing the camera motion sensor from ‘device’ to ‘state’ and neither of them worked.

I can confirm:

  1. The camera is connected
  2. The camera motion IS logging so the system SEES the motion. I just dont know why it wont trigger. Here is the code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • id: '16255****
    alias: ‘Alarm: Siren activated when armed and motion detected’
    description: Alarm sounds when motion is detected and alarm is armed
    • type: motion
      platform: device
      device_id: b454ccc10b86****
      entity_id: binary_sensor.living_room_motion
      domain: binary_sensor
    • condition: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
      state: arm_away
    • type: turn_on
      device_id: b454ccc10*******
      entity_id: switch.living_room_siren
      domain: switch
    • service: notify.mobile_app_jesse_s_phone
      message: ALARM! INTRUDE ALERT! Motion detected!
    • service: script.alarm_flashing_lights
      mode: single
  • id: ‘162551*****’
    alias: ‘Alarm: Disarm’
    description: ‘’
    • platform: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
      from: arm_away
      to: disarm
      condition: []
    • type: turn_off
      device_id: b454ccc10b********
      entity_id: switch.living_room_siren
      domain: switch
      mode: single

Hi All,

Update from me on this - I just learned that my alarm panel condition was preventing the automation from running. I removed the condition and now the Ring camera detects motion and sets off the siren. Now I gotta figure out why. I also have a script/loop script that should make my lights go on and off (flash), but it only turns them on and off once.

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