Ring integration keeps adding Authorized Client Devices

I am using the Ring integration for two Ring Stick Up Cams. It basically works. When I first add the integration, I get a request for the user id and password. I then get a request for a verification code, which arrives in a text. When I go to Authorized Client Devices in the Ring app, I see that there are two new clients named “Python” and “Device name not found”. It appears that each client device corresponds to one of the cameras. The integration works fine. I then restart HA. There is now a third device listed under Authorized Client Devices. The new one is named “Python”. Each time I restart HA, another “Python” device gets added.

Before I discovered this problem, roughly 100 authorized devices accumulated. At that point, it was no longer possible for the Ring app to acquire a “live view”. It would just sit there displaying the message “video is processing”. In “Event History” I could see that the Ring app had another entry every 10 minutes. My theory is that most of the “authorized devices” were zombies, but the Ring app tried to communicate with them anyway and timed out after 10 minutes.

My current solution to this problem is to start over whenever I restart HA: I delete the Ring integration, I delete all the authorized devices, and then I add the Ring integration again. However, I wonder whether it would be possible for the Ring integration to assure that the Ring app does not accumulate carcasses of authorized devices.