Ring integrations

Hi all.

I have had my ring doorbell working in Hassio for I suppose 2 years. I have had it in the YAML config. So I had a network issue at home and lost the doorbell. Thinking it was HA I did a bit of research and reading that Ring doesnt use YAML anymore, deleted the yaml config for the ring and then also deleted the integration section for Ring. Added it again. It asked for the username password usual thing. Then asked for the authentication code. So where does this come from? I added a new phone to my doorbell account and got a code via email. Am I meant to get one for HA? Or am I meant to use a code from the Doorbell App on my phone via the control centre?

I have tried the second and it simply keep asking for the code. I am obviously doing something wrong but not sure what and after ideas? There are a lot of threads but most are fairly old…