๐Ÿ”” Ring Keypad v2 Sounds SCRIPT, zwaveJS

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

Use your Ring Keypad v2 built-in sounds!

The ring keypad has multiple built-in sounds that you can trigger. This is a script blueprint. It does not have a built-in trigger. Save the blueprint script with your choice of sound and volume then trigger it in another automation

:clap: Thank you @ImSorryButWho for documenting all of these sound options: HomeAssistantNotes/RingKeypadV2.md at 5baf421ce1e8737e34710f6c643456af09a480b0 ยท ImSorryButWho/HomeAssistantNotes ยท GitHub
:point_right: If you use Alarmo check out @ImSorryButWhoโ€™s blueprint to Synchronize Ring Alarm Keypad v2 with Alarmo

Feedback Please

  • Keypad Version
    • I only have a Ring keypad v2. If you try this with the v1 and it works let me know
  • Zwave Integration
    • I currently use ZwaveJS. If you try this with ZwaveJS UI (would 99% probably work) or ZwavetoMQTT and it works please let me know.
    • To test this remove the integration: zwave_js to allow the device selector to find your ring keypad in a non ZwaveJS integration.
  • Multiple keypads?
    • This may work with more than one keypad in the same blueprint, but I only have 1 keypad. If you want to test this change multiple: false to multiple: true. If it works let me know and Iโ€™ll update the blueprint!
  name: Ring Keypad v2 Sounds, ZwaveJS
  description: >
    # Ring Keypad v2 Sounds
    Trigger built-in sounds for the Ring Keypad v2 using ZwaveJS.
    ## ๐Ÿ“‘ Changelog

    * **2024-3-24**: ๐Ÿ”ข Allow multiple keypads in the same blueprint.
    * **2024-1-27**: ๐ŸŽ‰ First Version
    Required = *
    **If you like this blueprint or have suggestions comment back on the original post.** [Click Here]()
  domain: script
      name: Ring Keypad Device *
      description: The device entry for the Ring keypad
          manufacturer: Ring
          integration: zwave_js
          multiple: true
      name: Keypad Sound *
      description: > 
        Choose the sound to play. 
        WARNING: The **Alarm** options will not stop until the keypad mode is changed.
      default: "96"
          mode: list
            - label: "๐Ÿšจ *Alarm* CO2 (Inludes flashing lights)"
              value: "15"
            - label: "๐Ÿšจ *Alarm* Fire (Inludes flashing lights)"
              value: "14"
            - label: "๐Ÿšจ *Alarm* Medical (Silent, flashing lights only)"
              value: "19"
            - label: "๐Ÿšจ *Alarm* Police (Inludes flashing lights)"
              value: "13"
            - label: ๐Ÿ”” Ding Ding
              value: "96"
            - label: ๐Ÿ”Š Echoing Bing Bong
              value: "99"
            - label: ๐Ÿ’ข Error Soft Dual Tone
              value: "9"
            - label: ๐ŸŽธ Guitar Riff
              value: "97"
            - label: ๐Ÿšช Ring Doorbell Chime
              value: "100"
            - label: ๐Ÿ’จ Wind Chimes
              value: "98"
      name: Keypad Volume *
      description: Choose the volume to play the sound.
      default: 50
          min: 10
          max: 100
          step: 10
          unit_of_measurement: '%'
          mode: slider

mode: single

  - service: zwave_js.set_value
      device_id: !input keypad
      command_class: 135
      endpoint: 0
      property: !input sound_selection
      property_key: 9
      value: !input sound_volume



Set multiple: true after confirmed working from @Amc51


Initial commit

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Thanks for sharing this - just installed - new to me Alarmo - Ring Keypad 2 / Zooz 700 - ZwaveJS integration - working great ! - this is alot easier to call as a script than a device / entity with parameters that you have to decode. (pick sound / set volume and away you go)

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:smiley: Iโ€™m glad it works for you! I got my keypad and saw this blueprint was missing. I definatly did not want to do the manual script either as UI interactions are always better and more confident.

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This works great with 2 Ring Keypads after editing the yaml to multiple: true

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Good to hear. Iโ€™ll modify the blueprint to multiple: true