Ring low voltage transformer

Has anyone been able to get the ring low voltage transformer inegrated.

Thought? any info be great.


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+1 on there… I have a interest in running these around the outside of the house

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+1 from me!

+1 here. I just set up HomeAssistant specifically to control these transformers with a physical switch and I’m annoyed that I can’t. I do notice that when I log into the ring website, these devices do not show up in the devices tab, so I’m guessing they are some special case and not a true “Ring light”.

Would also be interested in this.

I solved my landscape lighting issue with my own build. Used a outdoor enclosure, a Sonoff 4 and 4 Meanwell DC power supplies. Each power supply can power a 120 watts. I coupled this with my driveway sensor and a Konnected alarm board so that when some on pulls into our acreage lane it will turn landscape lights on in a sequence. Works flawless and does not require a internet connection to work. I my opinion even better, since I do not like to depend on Rings server for my automation,

I’d like to see ring transformer integration with HA as well, for now I am using alexa routine integration to turn on and off the landscape lights at sunset and turn off at sunrise. But would love to manage everythring through HA

I came across this one and it seems to do what’s needed.

Sorry wrong link, I use this one for the lighting transformer in HA:

I got this installed but cannot figure out how to
surface the transformer in Devices/Entities… any chance you can advise your steps to implement?