Ring meter on ESPhome

I am wondering if anyone has “converted” the Arduino code to generate a “ring” meter from https://www.instructables.com/Arduino-analogue-ring-meter-on-colour-TFT-display/ so that it can be used in ESPhome?
I think they could be cool to use on a small display showing the current consumption on the power grid from the house (obtained from the electricity meter) - to give an idea whether there is enough “juice” remaining to start charging an EV … :slight_smile:

Yes there are a few good example of this

Do you have an ESPhome meter to measure your consumption already?

Consumption is read by a HomeWizard P1 sensor plugged directly into electricity meter, so the sensors are available in HA …

I will try to take a look at it - and see if I can make it fit a 320x240 display…

Tried to cook some test together… Either my attempt is crap, or there is as issue with LVGL on ESP32-S2… I get this upon boot of the ESP32:

Component lvgl is marked FAILED

I’m not sure about that. The LVGL stuff is still in BETA. I like this screen a lot.

And it works great.

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I also have one of these it works well and its HUGE!

I have a solar system and also an electrical car charger. I’m going to build a display for them using this screen later this year.