Ring Outdoor Siren - Trying to set burglar alarm lights and tone at the same time


Just got a Ring Outdoor Siren for Amazon and have been trying to connect it to my Home Assistant via Z-Wave. I wasn’t sure this would work but I thought I’d give a go but would like to know if anyone else had any luck with it or also integrated any of the Ring devices directly with HA (not via Hass.io/Ring Alarm/MQTT).



Probably need to use the ring integration.

Was able to add it setting the inclusion mode to classic inclusion mode (from the manual on ring’s website: Z-Wave Ring Outdoor Siren Manual ):

After powering on the device, press and hold the test under the battery cover ~3 seconds. Release
the button and the device will enter Classic inclusion mode which implements both classic inclusion
with a Node Information Frame, and Network Wide Inclusion. During Classic Inclusion mode, the
green LED will blink three times followed by a brief pause, repeatedly. When Classic inclusion
times-out, the device will blink alternating red and green a few times.

Edit: Was able to make it work with Z-Wave JS, got one of the other Ring product as a template (config/0x0345/*) and added the configuration parameters from the manual. Was able to get the lights and different alarms working (Burglar, Smoke/Fire and Carbon Monoxide, they have different tones for each one of those).

I am at a stage now trying to set both the burglary alarm tone and lights on at the same time. There’s no switch so I had to create one with zwave_js.set_value for both tone and light BUT I can’t do that at the same time, it’s either the tone or the light, trying to do both at the same time will null the other.

Did you manage to get the lights and siren going at the same time?

I did, yes, do you use zwavejs? I’m using zwavejs2mqtt and I set whatever I want on mqtt and works well.

Glad you got it working. I am using ZwaveJs2mqtt but with the MQTT gateway disabled, only WS server. So is that the answer, use MQTT? I tried the zwave_js.set_value like your previous post with no luck. Do you have an example?

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I don’t think you can do that directly in HA, at least I couldn’t find how.
zwave_js_set would do only one and not both (ring and light, for example).
This is what I have on my HA with zwavejs2mqtt:

          service: mqtt.publish
            topic: zwave/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-zwavejs2mqtt/api/sendCommand/set
            payload: "{\"args\":[{\"nodeId\":15,\"commandClass\":135},\"set\",[[{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":1,\"value\":100},{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":9,\"value\":10},{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":7,\"value\":180}]]]}"
            retain: false
          service: mqtt.publish
            topic: zwave/_CLIENTS/ZWAVE_GATEWAY-zwavejs2mqtt/api/sendCommand/set
            payload: "{\"args\":[{\"nodeId\":15,\"commandClass\":135},\"set\",[[{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":1,\"value\":0},{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":9,\"value\":0}]]]}"
            retain: false

The siren turn on would use CommandClass 135 (Indicator) to get the red lights flashing, the siren ringing at volume 10 (and goes up to 100) and those 2 for 180 seconds or until I switch off.

Brilliant. Thank you very much for this it has helped me a lot to understand using the MQTT setup. I will give it a go.


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Has anyone managed to get the “dawn to dusk” LED features working via Z-Wave? Don’t know how I’d know which command class / propertyID that would be, the Z-Wave manual doesn’t mention anything.

Haven’t tried that as it will use a bit more battery and mine is not connected to AC (have D-batteries and a Ring battery, though). Do you use ZWaveJS2MQTT?
The LCD control is on Indicator class (135) from 135-0-48-1 to 135-0-48-10.

Thanks so much for the quick response! Setting 135-0-48-1 to 100 does indeed light up the logo, thanks a bunch!

Not using MQTT at the moment, just basic zwave_js.set_value so will run into the same problem you had about not being able to set the siren and LEDs at the same time but can sort that out later.

Re the battery thing yea realise it’ll drain them quicker but I want to ensure it’s prominent at night so happy to take the battery life hit.

Out of interest how did you work out it’s 135-0-48-1? Short of trying all values not sure how I’d go about reverse engineering something like this.

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No worries, mate!
Have a look at ZWaveJS2MQTT ( https://github.com/zwave-js/zwavejs2mqtt ), works very well and the reason I knew that one was the exact value is because ZWaveJS’s database is pretty good and once you add a new device, there’s a very good chance it’s already in the database so it would give you information of everything about it.

Hi all,

Have just got a Ring Siren to add to my Ring Alarm Panel and motion sensors and ZwaveJS setup.

Am trying to get the siren to ring, and maybe light up also, but no joy as yet. Any advice please on what I’m doing wrong. Not much of a clue as you can tell! (See attached)

I almost don’t want to make it alarm by fluke, as it’s right next to me and will scare the life out of me! :smiley:

Thanks all.

Hey James,

You won’t be able to do sound and lights at the same time using zwave_js_set, you need to go through MQTT.
Have a look at Ring Outdoor Siren - Trying to set burglar alarm lights and tone at the same time - #8 by emontes above which shows how you would do it if you have GitHub - zwave-js/zwavejs2mqtt: Zwave to Mqtt gateway and Control Panel Web UI. Built using Nodejs, and Vue/Vuetify.

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Thank you so much! Is it possible to just make the siren ring or the light flash with just Zwave_js_set?

Will have a look at Zwavejs2mqtt also, but already have an MQTT broker and various other bits I can see messing up. Would like to just test the siren can flash/ring separately before going too far.

No worries!
ZWaveJS2MQTT doesn’t have an MQTT server, you only specify in your configuration and whatever you write in those topics, it will go ZWaveJS, it’s very neat and I would suggest you to have a good look when you’re up for the challenge! They have a great and helpful Slack community as well.
Try the following for the siren:

            payload: "{\"args\":[{\"nodeId\":15,\"commandClass\":135},\"set\",[[{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":1,\"value\":100},{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":9,\"value\":10},{\"indicatorId\":13,\"propertyId\":7,\"value\":180}]]]}"

Command class 135, Indicator ID 13 propertyID 1 and value 100.
That will get the siren to blink red.
Let me know how it goes.

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Thank you so much! It’s flashing away under the desk.

You’re an absolute star. I couldn’t even be mad if you had made the alarm go off instead of the flashing! :laughing:

I’ll have a play with ZWaveJS2MQTT. If you have that cat in your Avatar then give them some serious love from me in thanks.

Cheers again!

Nice one :slight_smile: heh
If you have any questions, just reply and I will be glad to help.
And yes, that’s my cat, it’s an old picture but she’s still with me :slight_smile:

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Yes, just installed it. Works perfectly!

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