Ring Tile from Home Assistant?

So far I’ve managed to get HA to show the Tile entities along with other useful information such as its GPS coordinates, last time seen, etc.

That being said, I have yet to find a way to directly ring the Tile from HA. Does anyone know if this is possible? Any help you might be able to provide would be amazing.

Hi There!

Could you clarify what you mean by “ring the tile

Sure, I mean to make it sound an audible “beep”.

So to be clear, Your looking at Home Assistant Via a web browser and want it to play a beep tone

Also any other information about it would be helpful

A Tile is a phyical device that is attached to devices that you may frequently lose. For example, I have a tile attached to my wallet and a tile attached to my keys. Within the Tile app on the phone, if you press the ‘Locate’ button my wallet will ring so that I can find it. I can also do the same for my keys.

What I would like to be able to do is press an icon within HA and either my keys or my wallet would ring depending on which icon I press.

Hi it’s still me, they cockblocked me from responding since I’m new. I think that’s a dull feature so I made another account to send you my answer

Thank you, that was very helpful

Assuming you already have the tile in your home assistant you would use a button card to turn it on and off.

Note: I’m assuming you have your tile device in home assistant as switch.tile



type: button
  action: toggle
  action: toggle
show_state: true
entity: switch.tile
name: Tile
icon: mdi:square
show_icon: true
show_name: true

Doesn’t look possible at this point Add ability to ring a Tile from this library · Issue #49 · bachya/pytile · GitHub

I am adding the tile integration now and hopes to make an alarm in case items are stolen.
After adding the integration I now have Entitys showing from my tile account. It asked for user name and password. For one of the devices it show the following attributes:

State: home
source_type: gps
latitude: xxxxxxxxx
longitude: -xxxxxxxxxxxx
gps_accuracy: 150
attribution: Data provided by Tile
altitude: 6xxxxxxxx
is_lost: false
last_lost_timestamp: ‘1969-12-31T23:59:59.999000’
ring_state: STOPPED
voip_state: OFFLINE
friendly_name: Desktop
icon: mdi:view-grid

It looks perhaps you would setup automation to monitor latitude and longitude, then set the State attribute “is_lost” to true - or “ring_state:” to true I see the current state now as home. So this can be used

Some time ago I had Bluetooth enabled on the raspberry pi 4 I think. I may try that again. The code I commented out in /config/configuration.yaml was:
“# - platform: bluetooth_tracker”
“# consider_home: 140”
“# new_device_defaults:”
“# track_new_devices: true”

I hope to repost my results

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Did you have any luck?!? I’m hoping to do this too!! :pray:

Also following this, hoping to find the answer, I have yet to buy a tile but am considering it if the ability to ring it from HA is possible.

I would love this feature I want the tile on my notebook to ring that way I remember to write things down!

still no solution to ring a tile using a LoveLace button? :frowning:

My Google home assistant will ring my tiles

Alexa can ring my Tile too, but I can’t find how to create a button in HA to ring the Tile from HA without using voice command to Alexa

Hey apologies for reviving a dead(?) topic but I’m looking to buy some of these and wondered if it might be possible to ring it with a custom command using the alexa media player integration?

Something like…

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.office_echo
  media_content_type: custom
  media_content_id: 'ring the tile on my keys'

Just a note to say I ended up buying one of them to test and my suggestion of using the custom command work beautifully :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks for the idea!
I think the same is possible with the Google Assistant SDK, so you wouldn’t even need an Alexa device.

I have given it a couple of tries now and so far I couldn’t ring my tile with the SDK, but turn off lights. Since my Google assistant on the phone can actually ring the tile, I think it is just a matter of a couple of tweaks

Nice idea, I just tried this using the Call Service action from a card. I’m using the Google Assistant SDK to send the command “Find my keys” to my google home account but no luck.

As I have voice match enabled Google responds with…
“I couldn’t verify your voice, so I can’t interact with Keys.”

I guess you could turn off Voice Match but I find it pretty usefel with other people using our Google Home speakers.

I’m using the same thing for my phone and for some reason, that doesn’t need to verify my voice, it works perfectly.

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