Risco Lightsys Alarm component

I found a github project which allows from integration via homebridge: https://github.com/szlaskidaniel/homebridge-risco-alarm

Could this perhaps be ported to Home Assistant as a component?

I’m also interested in that

Same here, marked as watching

Also interested. Voted and watching.

Interested too!

i asked risco for API, we will see what they respond

well, first link below is a .PY script, at the moment it doensnt work anymore, because riscocloud changed the login a few months ago, so this script needs to be changed a litte bit, then we can maybe use it as a custom component… so any1 here with python abilities?

this one below, is a nodejs script, its currently working in HA, i am using it in a docker , then with mqtt
one big disadvantage is that the state armed/disarmed isn only changing afer 3-4 minutes

maybe someone can improve it and maybe also convert it to a python version?

Do you know if they have some API documentation since their redesign? I see, by looking quickly at the code, that JSON code can be extracted from the risco endpoints, correct? :slight_smile:

No, no API, well there is, but they don’t share it…
Are you programmer? Can you update/make a python from it? The nodejs is working also, but we need then extra addon

I would be willing to pay for someone to send a guide to hassio

for the python version you mean?

For anything working on hassio

Same here :wink:

But the nodejs version is already working, the python needs to be updated

I do not run it on hassio, not with nodejs or anything. :confused:

someone who can help me to run it on hassio, i need a guide for sillys :cry:

The only working is the mqtt one, a few posts above… All guide are on GitHub

i tried several times and i cant do it run

where are you stuck? did you run the docker version ? more info please

I’m on hass.io, I tried it several times with portainer but I can’t do it runs

What error do you have? What is not running? Make some screens please,