RM Pro 3 Slow to "wake-up"?

I have an RM PRO 3 which I am using to send RF signals to light switches.

When i trigger it to send an RF single, if it has been in-active for 20 mins or so, the 1st command it sends either fails or is sent twice, (which turns the light back off)

Every other command sent after is completely fine and works perfectly.

This have tried sending a “dummy signal” then a delay of 1 second then the real signal to wake it up. This has about a 60% success rate, but sometimes the 1 second delay isn’t enough and fires the real signal halfway through the “dummy wake up signal” is there anyway to fix this?

I’ve actually noticed the ‘wake up’ symptom/issue since HA 0.8x. Prior to this my TC2 lights were firing consistently. I have a sunset automation that turns on a lightswitch nearby and it does feel around a 60% chance of it firing recently.

To add, I also replaced this TC2 with another and have had the same issue, I didn’t attempt any rollback though back then. I’m glad it’s not just me though!