Roast me! (be nice tho)

I have had a lot of fun setting this up over the last 3 weeks.

The tablet is a Kindle fire 7 and the wall mount a makesbymike one.

If you have any comments or improvement suggestions, I am all ears.


Love your interface, but gotta hide your IP, noob! :smiley:

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Just noticed!

Which IP are you talking about? If so, than it’s totally fine, we can’t “hack” in your system through an internal IP address.

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He had a sensor that had an external address, but he quickly took the image down for edits.

Ah I didn’t see that one.

@lseufer ask an admin to remove your post, when you just edit, people can just click on the pencil on your post and see what you posted before.
By the way, I love the looks of the frame!

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Thanks. I rebooted my box and got another IP.

Looks amazing. I really want to go down the road of wall mounted tablet in the house for HA. Just not sure which one to pick yet.

What hardware you’re using for HA by the way? :slight_smile:

A raspberry Pi 4.

The tablet looks so big?
I also have a Fire 7 but he looks smaller?

also been using Fire 7 tablets. I have two: you can set a user for each one and with the Custom Header plugin you can have it display just the right page that is set up for that part of the house

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How do you charge tablet?

usb wall charger… wife is ok with it so I’m good :innocent:

There is a flat cable in the case. I drilled a hole in my dry wall behind the mount and one below next to the closest plug. The wire comes out of the wall and goes to a USB charger.

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Awesome styling! , care so share your settings/css?

Just two things:

  • Consider using AppDaemon 4 for your tablet, it’s bigger and easier to touch
  • Almost 70% CPU, why? I think you should go after that, this isn’t normal, unless you have some heavy processing somewhere.

Other than that, nicee!

… Don’t know what to roast tbh

I love the setup, where did you get the 3D Print file from the tablet? I’m looking for one for my HD 8.

EDITED I just saw who they are done by.