ROBB smarrt Smart Plugin doesn't show power sensors

I have a “ROBB Smarrt” smart plugin “ROB_200-017-0” with power measurement capabilities. It pairs correctly in deconz: I see the “Electrical Measurement” cluster in deconz VNC but the power sensors don’t show up in Home Assistant.

I have deleted/paired the device multiple times but always the same result: I see the correct clusters in deconz but no sensors in Home Assistant.

Is this a matter of the device not being supported by deconz in HA or can it be something else? Is there any way to fix the problem?

I really need this device to report the power consumption because this plug supports up to 3680 watt and my other ones that go to 2500W are not enough.

I’m running core-2022.7.5.

Any help is appreciated.

I just want to add that I have two of these and the first smart switch I added to Phoscon works and sends the power readings just fine but the second one never worked. I think I’ve tried every combination of steps to connect the device even tried through Deconz by reading the several attributes during the Phoscon scan. By the way, Deconz does seam to read the power measurement information just fine, but no Home Assistant sensors.

Anyone who can help?

Working switch in HA:

Not working switch in HA:

In Phoscon:

Wanted to post more screenshots and all in one post but system is limiting me to one image per post and 3 posts, not very helpful. Will try to post rest later.