Roborock core integration and zone cleaning

Is anybody using the core integration for roborock and zone cleaning? How can i get the zone coordinates?


Wanna bumb this topic. I want to switch from the Xiaomi Miio Integration to the Roborock integration but there is no way to call zone cleaning.

You can do it using the following code:

                action: call-service
                service: vacuum.send_command
                  entity_id: vacuum.roborock_s8_pro_ultra
                  command: app_zoned_clean
                    - - 31122
                      - 25312
                      - 34766
                      - 27080
                      - 1

Does this work for you with the Roborock core integration?

It worked with my old roborock and Miio integration, but when I try with the roborock integration, it just cleans the whole room and not the zone. I checked with go to target that the coordinates are correct.

Yes it does work with the core integration.

Thans for confirming. I just checked and my issue was my lack of double “- -” (or double brackets in Node-RED). These are not needed for app_segment_clean or app_goto_target, but needed for the app_zoned_clean. Thanks!