Roborock error sensor?

I’m using the Roborock S7 with the Xiaomi Miio integration (and Xiaomi map extractor).

It’s great, except that I can’t seem to get notifications about errors into Home Assistant. They come fine in the Mi Home App (e.g. “main brush is jammed”), but none of the 19 (binary) sensors in HA seems to be able to show this. Is there really no way to get the same notifications, or did I miss something crucial?

The only thing I can see in Home Assistant when there is a problem is the state of vacuum.roborock_vacuum_a15 changing to idle.

And it’s really not that useful to have one sensor state that can either mean that something is horribly wrong OR that the vacuum is just standing around (e.g. because you used “pin & go” to move it).

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