Roborock integration - vacuum becomes unavailable

I recently just got a S8 Pro Ultra and I’m having an issue with the Roborock integration. For whatever reason the vacuum will become unavailable. I can reload the integration and it will come back online. It will also come back online on its own after some time.

I’ve done some basic troubleshoot like making sure the vacuum is indeed connected to the wifi when this occurs or still accessible in Roborock app. I have spent some time searching this issue and it does appear many others have had this same issue but there hasn’t been a real solution. Some said setting a static IP fixed their issue and some have setup NAT rules. I’ve tried both but neither made any difference.

I use pfsense for my firewall with multiple vlans setup. I do have an isolated IoT vlan setup (which the S8 is connected to). The only restriction the IoT vlan has is that it can’t not see/talk to the other vlans. The other vlan can however see/talk to the IoT vlan.

Not really sure what is going on. Any suggestions?