Roborock S5 change to error middle of night

I have integrated Roborock to HA, for 3 days in row now it has started up by itself 03:06 in the night.

It moves like 10 centimeters, then it idle. And i have to move it to charge station by using HA app.

I restarted it, powered it up again, got “error 13” from Roborock. Error 13 is battery charge problem as i understand? I have cleaned the charge plate on Roborock and charge station. But i got the same problem again.

Any one who had this problem? Why does it start up by it self in the middle of night? I have not changed anything in HA regarding Roborock, i cant see anything i the log either in HA except “Roborock changed to error, Roborock changed to idle”