Roborock s50 not connecting to HA

Owned S50 for 3+ years now… great vac (does better job than wife… not that I am judging) :grinning:

I want to connect it to HA so I can start doing some automations like cleaning when we are out.

Problem: After adding to config file and restarting HA it is added to devices but it says it’s not connected.

  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    token: 5b456ba7daa6ce75c55c9c4c8ed32g90

I have;

  1. Xiaomi Home App (android)
  2. 1x Aqara 2 Gateway
  3. S50 connected to app (china region) along with 30 other sensors.
  4. I previously had the S50 connected to the Singapore region.

I have rebooted HA a couple of times. Searched the forums. No such luck getting her to talk.