Roborock S8 Pro Ultra integration constantly dropping

My problem is twofold. I’ve integrated the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum and it works well for a (random) while. Home Assistant sees it as docked when it’s docked, I can initiate cleaning, and so on. However, the integration regularly drops, with no obvious reason or logic. When checking the integration, I get the “initialization failed” message, which can usually be fixed by reloading the integration. Then after a while, usually within a day, it happens again. That’s the first issue; I’ve got no idea why the integration isn’t working properly.

I tried solving this by creating the following automation:

The idea was to have the integration reload automatically when the robot becomes unavailable. This sort of works, but not always. At times I can see that the automation was triggered, and the robot is available, meaning the automation worked. At other times, the automation was triggered but the robot remained unavailable, and I have to reload the integration manually.

My questions are:

  1. Is anyone else experiencing Roborock integration issues such as mine? What can I try to fix it?
  2. Any idea why doesn’t my automation work every time?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

I had this same problem when I got my S8 a couple months back. The issue is resolved but sadly I don’t know what fixed it. Something I noticed that not only was the S8 having this problem, but other smart Wi-Fi devices were doing the same thing which was weird because I wasn’t having any problem until this point.

I did everything I could think of like moving the AP’s the less congested channels, disabling firewall rules but nothing was making a difference. Running a continuous ping showed the devices was never dropping from the network. Here’s where things get a little more strange. A couple days earlier I had changed the password on my pfsense firewall. This broke the pfsense integration in HA. I updated the password on the integration and all my smart Wi-Fi devices were no longer dropping. I don’t believe this is what fixed my issue, but it was weird that everything just started working.

At this point everything has been solid for at least a month (or more). Wish I knew what resolved my issue so I could help others that run into this.

Recently (within the last few weeks) I am also having an issue with the Roborock integration failing to initialise, although for me, reloading does not resolve the issue. I am yet to find the time to investigate this though.